Introducing MyEcho 2.0

01 March, 2019

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We are proud to announce the launch of MyEcho 2.0!

We are constantly innovating our products to provide the best experience. We've built some brand-new features, made updates to existing features and redesigned the survey builder to make it more powerful and easier to use.

Things may look different, but rest assured everything in your MyEcho account is right where you left it.

Preview a few of the highlights of our 2019 release below. Some updates vary by account type.

Improved survey builder layout

We cleaned up the survey builder layout by grouping each survey page (section) into tabs so that you can easily click through each page. This avoids scrolling down endlessly when you have a few pages.

Adding/ editing a question is also much easier now. When you add a new question or edit an existing one, the question opens in a separate popup. By working in one question at a time, you know exactly where you are and what steps to follow to add your question.

Narrowed down the steps and added a ‘steps side bar’

We narrowed the steps down to three steps instead of five. Each step has important processes to follow, but we have put measures in place to ensure that you don’t miss anything. When you are done with a specific step, you will be redirected to the next step. You will also notice a side bar that shows which steps you have completed or not.

New survey builder question types: Matrix

Matrix questions let you ask respondents about multiple items within a single grid format. There are two variations, a standard matrix or a matrix scale. With the standard matrix you choose your row and column items, then you have the option to choose the question type for each item, the options are: single response (pick one or the other), multiple response (select all that apply), open-ended (text) question or dropdown. The matrix scale displays a list of statements (rows) and scale points (columns) in a grid, the respondent selects the appropriate choice. The column items can be weighted, i.e. strongly agree can be assigned a weight of 5.

A whole new survey dashboard overview

Each survey has an overview which gives you the status of the survey, date created and issued, response rates and more. Another new addition is the survey steps display, which indicates which steps have been completed or not. This way you can easily see if you have missed something during setup.

Enhanced reporting with new filters and charts

  • Custom filters- use your custom fields i.e. company, department, age etc as filters to uncover hidden insights in your results;
  • Choose to view completed responses only or include partially completed survey responses
  • Filter by distribution method, i.e. email, SMS or web;
  • Improved date filters allow you to select the exact date period required;
  • Choose to include/ exclude test responses;
  • Interaction on charts and between charts to view/compare responses;
  • Net promoter score analysis – includes a breakdown of promoters, passive and detractors as well as the distribution of scores (e.g. how many respondents scored 1, how many scored 2 etc);
  • Intuitive bar charts change orientation based on the number of statements in a matrix question, no need for endless scrolling to see all statements;
  • Choose a colour scheme to customise the look of your charts

New Net Promotor Score (NPS) question

NPS is a customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely your customers are to recommend you to a friend/ family or colleague. NPS divides the participants into three different groups based on the range of scores they selected: Promoters (scale points 9 and 10), Passives (scale points 7 and 8), and Detractors (scale points 0 to 6).

The reporting displays your overall NPS score, a breakdown of scores for promoters, passive and detractors as well as the distribution of scores.

Enhanced data extract

Choose how you would like to see your data. You have the option to choose how you would like your question headings to be displayed, i.e. question number only, text only, text and question number. You also have the option to extract your responses as text or weightings i.e. strongly agree or 5.

Streamline response report

We cleaned up the response report to reduce scrolling, especially with a high number of responses. You will see a list of who responded with the option to drill down on each respondent to see his/her responses. By exporting the results, you will get a full data extract.

Notifications of new features

We have added a notification feature so that you are always up to date on new feature releases or upgrades. A small envelope icon in the top right corner of the screen will display a number if you have unread messages.

Want it all? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

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