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13 September, 2019

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We look at 5 features that will guide you to a better survey.

Take your survey to the next level by taking advantage of some of the great features on MyEcho. The features were carefully designed to help you create and deliver professional surveys / forms to your audience. Be proud of the survey that you created by incorporating the following key features.

Schedule & automation of surveys

You might not always need to send your surveys immediately after you have created them; your fieldwork might only commence at a later date or you might want to automate the survey to go out on a certain day of the week or month. Usually this would require you to diarise a reminder and then return to the survey tool to manually distribute the survey on the specified date. MyEcho however allows you to schedule the distribution time and date of your survey. This can be helpful in cases when you may not be able to do it yourself at that particular time. You can also select the frequency of how often your survey ought to be distributed. This can be once-off, daily, weekly or monthly.

Customise survey colours, background image and logo

Having a well designed survey is crucial, as this will help recipients to immediately identify who the survey is from and potentially what it is about, and in turn increase your response rate. To ensure that your recipients recognise your branding and view your survey as professional, we suggest that you implement the following:

  • Customise the colours in the survey to suit your unique corporate identity. You can use your company’s unique hex colour codes to ensure that the survey is recognised as an asset distributed from your company.
  • You can also add a background image, this can be any image suitable to your needs.
  • Upload your company or product logo to display on your survey and Email/ SMS message to ensure brand recognition.

Survey templates by industry

MyEcho was designed with users in mind, we want to make your lives easier. You have access to various templates for different industries that you may find helpful in the process of buiding your survey. This will assist you with questions you may not have thought of or answer types that would help you get the most out of your results. These templates vary from Guest House Customer Satisfaction to Post-visit Patient Satisfaction to even Product Evaluation. These templates would allow you to simply edit a survey rather than creating one from scratch.


This feature is quite advanced and is basically ‘routing’ on steroids. To simplify it, it allows you to show or hide certain questions depending on previously answered questions. To further clarify this, if you are creating a survey for a school, you may direct teachers to answer certain questions and students to answer a different set of questions. Without this function you would most likely have had to set up two completely separate surveys. Therefore this feature not only saves you time, but also increases your professionalism in the eyes of your respondents.


You are able to send reminders to recipients that have not yet completed your survey. MyEcho will automatically generate a list of recipients that have not completed your survey, you would simply have to check the list and click send. Reminders serve as a call to action, which will result in more responses for your survey.

Now that you have learnt about these valuable features, you will be able to create a more improved and captivating survey. These five features discussed are only a few of the great features that MyEcho offers.

Want it all? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

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