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November 2020


Choosing the right distribution method for you

Since the conception of online survey tools, it has been easier to collect feedback. However, after designing your survey the next step is to put into consideration your audience and the sample size in order to choose the most suitable distribution method. What method of communication is popular or most preferred amongst my audience? Which method of distribution will give me a far better reach? How big is my sample size? What is the frequency of my survey distribution to my audience? Which contact details do I have from my audience? Do I want my responses to be anonymous? These questions are vital in determining distribution and making sure you have the most accurate results for your survey. MyEcho has combined various survey techniques to aid in sending your survey and below we have attached the benefits of each distribution method to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Email – This method is much more personal, as you can edit your subject line and invitation message to suit your audience. It also includes custom fields, for example Name (will populate the respondent name from your distribution list) and Company Name (will populate the company name provided in your MyEcho account profile) or you could include any other custom fields that you have added to your distribution list. Depending on your survey and audience, you are likely to get a good response rate via email, especially if the subject line is attractive. MyEcho creates a unique link every time you send out an email invitation, which enables you to track individual responses and follow up on those who have not responded to your survey.

2. SMS – This method is similar to email distribution with regards to its construct, as you can also have an invitation message with your preferred links. MyEcho provides you with SMS credits with each credit being equivalent to one SMS. It works the same way as the SMS system on your cell phone, so if you exceed 160 characters it will overlap into another credit. This method is great for customer engagement surveys as you can trigger an SMS survey as soon as the customer interacts with your business or product, this way the experience is still fresh in the customer’s mind.

3. Weblink – This method is very versatile as MyEcho allows you to copy the survey link to any clipboard, share it via social networks, or attach it as a QR code to either print ads or paper communication where a customer can scan it with their cell phone on the go. The link can be opened and completed multiple times meaning more than one respondent can use the link. It is useful for a kiosk setting in your business where you can display a survey on a tablet and have your customers fill in the survey as they enter or leave. Another benefit is that you don’t need to have a contact list to get feedback via weblink, by sharing it on social media you have a broader reach as your followers can access it as well as share it with their followers. The weblink records anonymous responses, so you will not be able to tell who answered the survey unless you include a question in your survey requesting contact information.

We hope this has been helpful in choosing the appropriate distribution method for your audience. The great news about distributing your survey on MyEcho is that you don’t have to pick one method; you can choose more than one as long as it is applicable to your respondents. You can even try all three methods at the same time to see which one is most successful in producing the most responses for you.

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