Dealer PreCSI

A specific workflow designed to help dealerships contact all clients to identify negative customer experiences and to ensure that a recovery process is in place to rectify problem areas immediately. This occurs before the ‘official’ CSI measurement.

How it Works

Interaction Interaction between customer and dealer.
Data Becomes Available Data becomes available to Lightstone through the Dealer Management System (if applicable).
Import To PreCSI Data automatically gets imported into the PreCSI Program. Manual upload is available if the dealer is not already sending data to Lightstone.
DAY 2 - 4
Customer Follow Up Interviews become available under the ‘Interviews’ Tab. A dealer representative contacts clients to find out if they were satisfied and captures comments where relevant.
* Can be done by Lightstone (costed separately)
Escalate Negative interviews automatically appear under the ‘Complaints’ Tab. The dealer representative escalates negative interviews to relevant person for actioning.
Action Service manager/ advisor receives an email alert. Logs into the platform and phones customer to resolve the issue.
Review Dealer representative/ CLO or DP can log in and see status of interviews. i.e. escalated or closed (resolved).
Official CSI Calling

The Benefits

Host icon

Host all your activities around a PreCSI measurement in one place. 

Step 3

The system automatically imports a list of calls to be made for the day and link these to interview scripts.

Escalate Icon

Easily escalate negative responses to the correct individuals to action with the built-in escalation feature.

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Follow through on escalations and close the loop by updating the interview status.

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Provide access to all relevant individuals to view, manage and track responses.


R499 (Excl. VAT)

per month
  • Please contact us if you would like Lightstone to conduct the calls on your behalf (costed separately).

Getting Started

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  • Make Payment
  • Register for the Dealer PreCSI program (Take note of the billing information)
  • Lightstone will receive a notification and contact you to complete the onboarding process